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If your windscreen is in pretty good shape but has a small chip or crack, it can be repaired if caught early. Chips and cracks in your windscreen undermine the stability of the glass, and the smallest knock could make the damage much worse, or even make it shatter.

We will always try to repair a damaged windscreen before replacing it to save you time and money. It’s important that an experienced professional carries out the repairs – if it’s not done correctly, the entire windscreen will need to be replaced.


How We Repair Your Windscreen

  • Our skilled technician will inspect the damage to make sure it’s not too extensive and can be successfully repaired.
  • Small cracks and chips can be repaired quite quickly – around half an hour – and while the finished result is not invisible, it looks much better than the original crack or chip.
  • The damaged area of the windscreen is cleaned thoroughly so the resin can bond correctly.
  • Next, we place our patented Windscreen repair® device over the damage to create a vacuum before filling the chip with our specially formulated repair resin.
  • The resin is pushed all the way through the crack and a UV light tool is used to harden and strengthen the area.
  • Once the resin is dry, we clean and polish the windscreen to remove any excess resin and ensure a smooth finish.
  • Your window is now strong and safe, and you’ve saved yourself a costly windscreen replacement.


Types of Repairable Chips and Cracks

Windscreen chips and cracks fall into different categories, but to be repairable they all need to have some things in common:

  • It must be at least 5cm from the edge of the windscreen. Trying to repair a crack or chip too close to the edge is likely to make it worse.
  • The critical vision area is the area directly in front of the driver, and depending on the type of crack or chip there are limits to the size that can be successfully repaired.
  • Outside of the critical vision area, the chip or crack can be a little bigger and still be repaired.

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Types of repairable chips and cracks


Inside critical vision area = 25mm

Outside critical vision area = 100mm


Inside critical vision area = 10mm

Outside critical vision area = 20mm


Inside critical vision area = 15mm

Outside critical vision area = 25mm


Inside critical vision area = 15mm

Outside critical vision area = 30mm


Inside critical vision area = 2mm

Outside critical vision area = 5mm