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Windscreen Crack Repair

Windscreen Crack Repairs in Wollongong

Need to fix a windscreen crack in your vehicle? At Southern Autoglass, we can get your cracked windscreen repaired promptly and professionally.

Our windscreen crack repair experts have over 25 years of experience helping drivers in Wollongong, Illawarra and the Southern Highlands avoid costly window replacements with fast and cost-efficient crack repairs. Whether you need a chip or crack filled or require emergency 24/7 assistance, our dedicated team can help you.

Can You Fix a Cracked Windscreen?

A crack on a car windshield can seem like a big deal, but it can be fixed quite easily and quickly if it’s caught early and isn’t too extensive. Modern car windshields are laminated and can withstand cracking without shattering. However, not all cracks are the same. It’s essential to get expert advice and services. If your windshield crack can be fixed, our team will repair it using a special patented repair device and resin to seal and restrengthen the damaged area.

The resin gets pushed all the way through the crack and then hardened using a UV light tool. Once the resin is dry, we clean and polish the windscreen to remove any excess resin and ensure a smooth finish. This whole process takes as little as 30 minutes, meaning you can get back on the road in no time.

Can You Drive with a Cracked Windscreen?

You should avoid driving with a cracked windscreen as the smallest bumps and knocks from the road can make the crack significantly worse. Once the crack is a certain length, is within the viewing range of the driving or within 5cm of the edge of the windscreen, it can no longer be repaired and will need replacement. Fortunately, we offer a mobile windscreen crack repair service so you can eliminate the need to drive in order to get your windscreen fixed.

Types of Repairable Chips and Cracks

Windscreen chips and cracks fall into different categories, but to be repairable they all need to have some things in common:

  • It must be at least 5cm from the edge of the windscreen. Trying to repair a crack or chip too close to the edge is likely to make it worse.
  • The critical vision area is the area directly in front of the driver, and depending on the type of crack or chip there are limits to the size that can be successfully repaired.
  • Outside of the critical vision area, the chip or crack can be a little bigger and still be repaired.
  • Straight Crack Repair Limitation25mm100mm
  • Bulls Eye Repair Limitation10mm20mm
  • Horseshoe Repair Limitation15mm25mm
  • Star Repair Limitation15mm30mm
  • Crater Repair Limitation2mm5mm
  • = Inside critical vision area
  • = Outside critical vision area

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